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Going Through a Divorce: Why Hire a CDFA?

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. During this time it is important that you carefully plan for your financial security.

How do you execute careful financial planning when you are perhaps the most vulnerable in your life? You are probably even unsure as to where to start or what to ask! By working with a CDFA we can help you put your financial budget together, figure out if 'asking for the house' makes sense, sort out the value of your assets (after all, not all assets are created equal), and help determine any outstanding debt.

Further, along with the divorce process, we can also help with any post-divorce questions or requirements. For instance, we can aid in determining how to manage the assets received in the divorce or how much money you will need to live on today and in the future. Overall, CDFAs work side-by-side to develop steps that can be taken to aid in securing your financial  future.

As a CDFA, I hope that if you are recently divorced, in the divorce process, or have been divorced for a while but have questions, you reach out to me. Please call today for a free consultation!